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Protecting My Family

Mosquitoes are attracted to anything they can get a blood meal from. Some mosquitoes, including the ones that carry West Nile virus will readily enter homes when screens are damaged or missing. Avoid being a mosquito meal by taking these simple precautions. 

  • Avoid being outdoors at dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are most active;
  • Wear light colors, long sleeves, long pants, and socks when spending time outside in mosquito-infested areas;
  • Make sure door and window screens are tight fitting and free of holes ;
  • Use an EPA registered insect repellent when outside where mosquitoes are present;
  • When camping or spending time outdoors, consider Permethrin treated bed-nets, tents, or clothing;
  • Avoid perfume, colognes, or other heavy scents that may attract mosquitoes.

These are some things that don’t work:

  • Bug zappers;
  • Electronic “ultrasound” devices;
  • Insect repellents that aren’t EPA registered.

Mosquito Repellent Information

Insect repellents play a very important role in protecting people from mosquitoes. They help prevent mosquitoes from biting and reduce your exposure and risk to the diseases they may carry. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends “the use of products containing active ingredients which have been registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use as repellents applied to skin and clothing.” Look for products that contain:

  • DEET
  • Picaridin
  • Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus or PMD
  • IR3535


For more information about insect repellents:
What you need to know about mosquito repellent

Precautions You Can Take When We Do Spray

To greatly reduce your exposure to pesticides during and after adulticiding operations, please take the following precautions:

  • Check this website for notices about adulticiding in your area. We will make all attempts to post our spray schedule and a map on our website of the spray areas 24 hours in advance of the application;

  • Remain indoors with the windows closed when adulticiding is taking place (if possible). Typically, windows can be reopened within 30 minutes after our trucks have passed;

  • Bring pets indoors, cover ornamental fish ponds during adulticiding hours to avoid direct exposure;

  • If you come in direct contact with pesticides, wash well any exposed skin surfaces with soap and water;

  • Outdoor tables, furniture, toys, and play equipment can also be covered or can be rinsed off with water following the application, but this is not necessary since this pesticide begins to degrade with exposure to air and light;

  • Bring laundry inside before adulticiding begins. If these items are exposed, they may be washed again in soap and water;

  • Wash any exposed fruits and vegetables with water before eating, cooking or storing;

  • Allow about one hour to pass before allowing children play in areas that have been treated;

  • For your safety and the safety of our operators do not approach or walk up to a spray truck. If you are in your car do not follow a spray truck when it is operating. If you are in a vehicle, raise the windows, turn on the air conditioning (on recirculation mode), wait for the truck to pass or find an alternate route.